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International Edition

L’IHEST reçoit chaque année ou va à la rencontre de nombreux intervenants étrangers. Les articles proposés dans cette rubriques sont le fruit des ces échanges.

European summer school

This four-day course examines a topic in depth with a panel of participants representing society’s key players and principal actors in the field. The European Summer school uses teaching methods developed for the one-year (...)

European summer school 2015

Societies and climate change : challenges for education, action and governance

Societies and climate change : challenges for education, action and governance
The reactions to climate change, the intersection of temporal and spatial scales, managing uncertainty and potential risk, the places and processes for making decisions and commitments, the interactions between science, society and (...)
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Who we are, what we do, where we work

Institute for advanced studies in science and society

An ambition

An ambition
IHEST’s ambition is to create a network of leading figures attentive to the issues raised by research and keen to participate in an informed debate on science, technology and innovation, and their impact on (...)
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Multimedia library

Various reports in english.

Household waste

Household waste
International bodies consider waste management one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. The goals stretch from improving living conditions to creating a circular economy in order to conserve natural resources. This report (...)
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